Minnesota Farmers: Naturally Resourceful

Minnesota farmers are leaders in the production of corn, soybeans, wheat, sugar beets, potatoes, milk,  pork, beef and poultry products. They are also leaders in conservation.

Two programs developed and administered by farmers provide a research and education foundation to continuously seek areas of improvement in farming practices and tracking our improvement.

Discovery Farms Minnesota

Discovery Farms Minnesota is a farmer-led program combining water quality information and farming system information to help characterize the relationship between agricultural management and water quality.

Green Star Farms

The Green Star Farms Initiative is a new approach to comprehensively evaluating farming systems, intended to challenge farmers and those who advise them on farming practices to think critically about both agricultural production and resource protection.

The Minnesota Agricultural Water Resource Center is a non-profit research and education organization dedicated to assisting Minnesota farmers in addressing water quality concerns.

Our members and supporters include agricultural organizations representing more than 50,000 farmers and those who advise them. Please visit the website for our research program, Discovery Farms Minnesota, and our environmental assessment program, Green Star Farms Initiative, to learn more about Minnesota farmers and their commitment to environmental stewardship.