Stewardship Spotlight

Stewardship Spotlight on The Larson Farm

Kandiyohi County farmer, Kim Larson, discusses the stewardship practices he uses to help wildlife like the Trumpeter Swan live on his farm.

Stewardship Spotlight on Bill Gordon

Worthington farmer Bill Gordon discusses stewardship and conservation, including tillage, nutrient management, tile drainage and land set asides in CRP.

Dynamic Runoff Event

A single rainfall event can contribute the majority of runoff for the entire growing season. These events are episodic and region specific. That's why Discovery Farms Minnesota uses automated equipment that collects samples whenever water is flowing. This time lapse video shows a runoff event that occurred over 16 hours on June 15, 2011. This storm delivered 3.76 inches of precipitation, which was preceded by a 1.3 inch rain the day before.